Shazam is one of the most popular apps of all time, used by hundreds of millions of people to magically connect to the world around them. Building on its pioneering leadership in music identification, Shazam now helps people discover, interact with, and share audio, video, printed or augmented reality content―and lets music fans follow their favorite artists to share in the thrill of discovery. The app has been downloaded over one billion times, in over 190 countries, and users Shazam over 20 million times each day. For more information, please visit

Forrest Brown

ForrestBrown is an award-winning tax consultancy specialising in research and development (R&D) tax credits.
We are currently advising 100+ companies a month across all sectors and are recognised experts in the digital space. Last year we delivered £50+ million for innovative businesses.
R&D tax credits is all we do. This level of specialism means our chartered tax advisers have a deep understanding of the R&D tax legislation and its application to businesses. This has seen us work with some of the most prominent digital agencies in the UK, as well as hundreds of fast-growing start-ups.
We were awarded ‘best independent consultancy firm’ at Taxation Awards 2016. But, you will find us different to other chartered tax advisers. We combine our specialist knowledge of R&D tax credits with a real passion, enthusiasm and energy for helping innovative digital businesses fund their growth.

Impact Radius

Impact Radius is transforming the way advertisers handle media and performance marketing partnerships. Our natively integrated suite of products enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global ad spend by providing a single trusted view into the consumer journey from ad impression through acquisition – across all devices and channels.

Impact Radius was founded in 2008 by a team of Internet marketing and technology experts who previously founded Commission Junction, and LeadPoint.

With offices in New York, Sydney, London, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Cape Town and Columbus, we are now a leading global performance marketing technology platform.

From the beginning, we disrupted the industry by moving away from the traditional affiliate network model and instead introducing a SaaS technology platform for performance marketing professionals to better grow and manage all their revenue generating partnerships.

We then set our sights on the real-time delivery of actionable insights across marketing channels and devices, developing the most comprehensive digital marketing platform with buyer journey insights, attribution modeling, built-in ad fraud detection and the automation of critical marketing workflows.

We remain committed to best-in-class technology, transparent data you can trust and relentless innovation that delivers next-generation solutions to digital marketers around the world.

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